Why You Are Not
Making Money Online??

The Real Truth About Why You Are Not Making Money Online YET !!

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Please do me a favour and reply to the email you just recieved from me. 

Tell me more about yourself. I genuienly want to hear from you!

  • What have you tried so far?
  • What are your biggest hurdles? Is it building a list?
  • Have you been ripped off with crappy softwares or trainings?

I want to learn about your journey so far online.

Starting and building an online business can be lonley process .. family or friends might not understand why or what you are aspiring to achieve....

.... so it can be difficult at times when you are trying so hard and you have no one to connect with who understands the common obstacles many euntrepreneurs face when starting out!

When I connect with fellow online euntrepreneurs- both beginner and advanced,  

we all have different stories but similar challenges at along the way

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Lorraine Bracken

Lorraine Bracken

Online Eutrepreneur

About Me ...

I spent a lot of time and money over the years trying to make money online! I ended up in complete frustration due to the lack of knowledge in the overall strategy to actually make money!

Coming from a professional background in bookkeeping with no experience in digital marketing, I was so naive and went on to make many costly mistakes by trusting bad marketors selling a pipe dream online business that was completely misleading !!  

I finally have found a mentor who helped me make huge positive strides in my online business. Working with a long term mindset,  I can see my map to building a hugely profitable online business in an HONEST way, that I can feel proud of !!  

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