Meet Lorraine

Seeking The Laptop Lifestyle

Lorraine has spent a lot of time and money in different online business models over many years but ended in complete frustration due to the lack of knowledge in the overall strategy to actually make money! Coming from a professional background in bookkeeping with no experience in digital marketing, she admits she was naive and went on to make many costly mistakes by trusting the wrong people and not understanding all the information to make it work! However, after many years of failing, she found someone who she could trust to help her put action steps in place to build a legitamite long term online business that she is proud of.  

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Problems Knowing Who To Trust Online

Over the course of the few years, she tried many ways to make money online. She tried everything from promoting health & wellness products on Facebook to using paid traffic on Google and Bing ads to promote dropship products on her Shopify store. 

Taking many courses, she struggled to make it work! She fell for the "make money online fast" sales tactics and ended up in a worse position than when she started. She knew if she was to succeed in creating a profitable online business, she was going to have to find a mentor she could trust to take actionable steps to a proven method that works!

Not Giving Up On Her Dreams

About Us

With determination and belief in herself that she can succeed, she continued on her journey even after many failed attempts. 

Having a certain level of skepticism is beneficial because it helps you carry out some research on the "gurus". 

Are you being sold a legitimate product or is it all valueless hyped-up sales pitches only to take your money? 

There comes a point, where you need to trust someone. Lorraine found a person who she could relate and trust. And that's when things started to pull together and began to see the big picture

Where She Is Today

She is making positive momentum in her business today. Working with the mindset of long term rewards and providing as much REAL and HONEST opinions on what she feels will benefit your business grow or not! 

There is a trend from some online marketers to promise unrealistic money opportunities with their software or courses which is simply not true!

The simple fact is there are no "get rich quick" software, apps or courses.  It takes perseverance and hard work.

Until Lorraine changed her mindset to thinking long term, she didn't progress. 

To become a successful online entrepreneur, it is no different than running a brick and mortar business. It take time and patience. 

Lorraine is dedicated to share honest experiences and thoughts, both good and bad, on digital products being sold online.

The top question she want to help answer is

Will this digital product help me grow my online business? 

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